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Three Phase Transformer

Three Phase Transformer

Three Phase Transformer is a part of Control Transfermer. Control Transformers are electrical devices that are designed to transfer energy from one circuit to another by electromagnetic induction
Ratio : 440/200V
Rating: 15KVA
Insulation Level : 0.66/2.5KV
Primary Tapping : +2.5, +5%
Transformer Class : ‘B’/’F’
App. Std. : 11171/1985.
Construction : Indoor,Varnish Impregnated dry type/Cast Resin in open execution.
Detailed Description

Three phase transformers are designed to supply electric power to three-phase systems. These electrical devices have three circuit conductors and may or may not have a neutral wire. Three phase power is used by electric power distribution grids and to power large motors and other large loads. Three phase transformers carry many product specifications, including transformer type, winding turns, cooling method, core type, and mounting style. Performance specifications, regulatory approvals, and special features are also important parameters to consider. Performance specifications include operating frequency range, maximum primary voltage rating, maximum secondary voltage rating, maximum secondary current rating, power rating and operating temperature. Configuration styles for three phase transformers consist o f delta – delta, delta – wye (Y), wye (Y) – wye (Y), wye (Y) – delta, wye (Y) – single phase, delta – single phase.


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